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Yadi E-PLUS system more performance warranty extended 100% November 3rd afternoon, Yadi Yadi released a new generation of electric vehicles electrical system E-PLUS production base in Tianjin shocked, and held the opening ceremony E-PLUS models. Since the birth of electric vehicles, homogenization serious, in the core of the electrical parts has not been much breakthrough. To this end, HARTING group set a number of the industry’s top technical staff, focus on poverty. After a long time of testing, Yadi engineers finally overcome the technical difficulties, a major breakthrough in motor, controller, charger and other core electrical parts, the successful launch of Yadi E-PLUS. Yadi E-PLUS equipped with new core electrical parts: motor controller + + black diamond diamond diamond charger, through the 3 large scientific adjustment and matching, greatly improve the vehicle electric drive system. 3 core technology: upgrade motor controller + + black diamond diamond diamond charger 5 performance: power, mileage, life, safety protection, Yadi E-PLUS in power, mileage, life, protection, security and other 5 aspects: promotion, real power is stronger, more durable, riding electric, more durable, more protection tight, riding safer. Design of vehicle active safety: safety protection, Yadi throughout E-PLUS system integrates such as P file security start button, double flash safety warning system, LED daytime running lights, blue blue LCD instrument to improve the traffic safety design. 2 times long warranty: Black Diamond (controller + charger) for 2 years, the new black diamond motor 4 year warranty for the E-PLUS release ceremony of the most amazing thing Yadi launched 2 times long warranty: Black Diamond and diamond controller charger can be 24 months for a new, black diamond motor was first launched more 4 years warranty. E-PLUS version of the first model: stroll, Pathfinder, aurora will be upgraded in the future what high-end models for the E-PLUS version of it, let us look forward to!相关的主题文章:

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