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Yang Zishan wanted to change the United States but the identification of micro whole way to reduce oxygen source: new beginning put a time, after the snake face first face virgin face now and the emergence of a baking face, used to describe those who face excessive filling. One of the leaders is sister Xinyi Zhang, sister’s face is some adjustments, the whole face fat filling halfway out just fine when still quite beautiful, but now the sister, Pumianerlai fat and hyaluronic acid to let a person dare not recognize, it is made to fill ah! Li Bingbing also has become the trend of baking face, micro-blog sun and a group photo of the national ping-pong team, everyone can not attend small Tibetan mastiff Zhang Jike, this is Bing Bing directly sister fans of the swollen face scared to move not to open eyes, and before the face compare, eyelid deepened the chin sharpened the whole face a long times, now the face of inexplicable hit Liu Xiaoqing grandma. Recently, Miss Young was surprised to find Zhao Wei by actress Yang Zishan face. I believe you, like me, to see the latest photos of Yang Zishan have a kind of can not believe their eyes, this is Xinyi Zhang? Or Song Jia? Anyway, I can not believe this is the result of the youth that zheng! The impression of Yang Zishan’s face has been great, ten years ago when the face can actually participate in the draft and comparable to Sun Nan, is wider than the face of Peter Ho, famous for "Youth" in women has been Tucao not beautiful, saying this face really value plain yan. Yang Zishan face sharp nose high lying silkworm mysteriously disappeared so how Yang Zishan Amber Kuo hit the face from the swollen upper eyelid, nose meat meat face into it? The first is to make the face smaller, look at the face and the face of the past, a small circle does not say that the mandibular edge is also very compact. There is no real bone is not a good judge, but the facial liposuction remove cellulite and eliminate the masseter muscle of the two needle thin face is very useful. Her chin is not short, but should be the injection of hyaluronic acid, so we can appreciate her face from the chin pointed round short long time. Small bags in double eyelid by fat and double eyelid surgery has now become double, draw the eye makeup more good-looking. From the previous picture, Yang Zishan’s nose to nose is not high, the tip of the nose and nose. The stereo is not kind, the nose and the nose is like a deer Han fans do not hit me ah. But now Yang Zishan’s nose pad high, narrow nose, nostrils are not exposed, the nose Miss Young or to be sure about. But Miss Young has been not understand Zhao Wei to the two main female youth selected why all the nasolabial folds so deep, it should not have wrinkles! Yang Zishan’s problem has been to take "wrinkles" return to the age of 20 when the feeling is still very deep, after which it is possible to do a face lift or finally fill the nasolabial folds, in contrast to the face and is not so much, 5 years old young. So the face after a series of Yang Zishan in the "never thought" to achieve their own peak value of the color. However, the recent group of photos do not know if it is the whole or repair the reasons for the map, or because of this word? Or because it is done on the corner of the mouth into a smile lips, really can not recognize this is Yang Zishan… Anyway Miss Young or feel the value and identification with the best相关的主题文章:

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