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Ye Xiying EIA: the fall of three crude oil above $60 can lead the charge clients to view the latest market review: U.S. crude oil rose to EIA from yesterday after Dumbledore sideways to the present 45.88 or 0.4%, it is worth saying that EIA is expected to fall three in stock reasonably. At present, all eyes are turned to 5 days at OPEC, the crude oil market will set off to the second wave of storms in the heavyweights in the speaker. EIA OPEC to lead the charge of crude oil 60 levels: 1, EIA: three fall on Wednesday (September 21st), the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) released data show that as of September 16th week, the U.S. EIA crude oil inventories dropped again after the accident in the accident, greatly reduced 6 million 200 thousand barrels, is expected to increase 3 million 361 thousand and 100 barrels, the first reduction in the value of 559 thousand barrel. 2, the Fed on Thursday morning (September 22nd): halt the troops and wait, the Fed’s policy in September to pay close attention to the introduction of the final resolution of the market, as expected to maintain interest rates unchanged, but hinted that future Shengxi reason "has been enhanced". After the meeting, the Fed decided to wait for some time, waiting for more evidence to prove the necessity of raising interest rates. 3, Norway workers strike: Norway crude oil workers decided to strike strike, foreign media sources said, more than 300 Norway oil workers will strike on Wednesday. Analysts pointed out that this threat to the production of crude oil in Beihai, further boost oil prices. 4, OPEC multiple support frozen production news: whether it is Russia, Iraq, Iran and other supporting the production of frozen voice. OPEC secretary general also said that the freeze will last for a year and Venezuela has been pushing for an agreement. Even if the freeze has not yet reached agreement, OPEC decided to raise crude oil production, but China’s crude oil production decline and the surge in China’s crude oil imports this situation, will also continue to support oil prices. Oil prices hit $60 barrel in 2017. Personal view: see the news so many investors ask: "teacher Ye Xiying your morning writing is short near 46, you can now write the article is good news not long face such conflict? For this problem I have here a unified answer, whether it is spot crude oil or crude oil futures, which leverage the vast majority of people are in short-term speculation as the main profit target, basically in between 40-100. Most of the news came out after the outbreak of the market will be in a few months or to promote the trend of crude oil within six months, but it is not today or this hour of this minute. As a technical analyst with the news are equally important and not geared to follow suit or watching the financial news can operate. Of course, I am not God can not each layout as investors expected to achieve the desired psychological effect, in other words, which investors are looking at an article I came with me? Ye Xiying is the light of your investment, and you are the one who goes to the dawn! Technical analysis: crude oil, a good implementation of yesterday’s scheduled to do more thinking, but also on the data in micro-blog.相关的主题文章:

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