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Yueyang Tower was sold? Official: transfer of operating rights are still negotiating stage in August 23, 2016, autumn in Yueyang Tower scenic area. Oriental IC map of Yueyang Tower, one of the three buildings in the south of the Yangtze River, Fan Zhongyan, a famous writer of the Northern Song Dynasty, "the Yueyang Tower journal" makes it famous at home and abroad. Recently, it is due to the transfer of management right matters rampant. The evening of November 16th at 21:55, Yueyang Tourism Foreign Affairs Office by Yueyang daily official WeChat public number "Jianghu those things", in response to the network hot lead "Yueyang Tower is" sell "the truth". In November 17th, the Yueyang Municipal People’s government website publicity of tourism in Yueyang City Foreign Affairs Office to explain the situation of the event. Yueyang City Tourism Foreign Affairs Office responded that neither Yueyang Tower nor will sell, no just on the scenic, scenic spot of ownership and management separation, scenic resources ownership, supervision right is still in government hands. At present, Yueyang and Yunnan city investment group and other registration units are still in the docking stage of negotiations, neither by the municipal Party Committee Standing Committee decided to study, there is no formal cooperation agreement signed, but did not landing implementation. Surging news () noted that Yueyang has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Yunnan city investment group, and on the development of cooperation in the development of Yueyang Tower 5A scenic spot held a number of high-profile conference. This is not the first time the transfer of ownership of Yueyang Tower has been put on the agenda. Surging news reporter access to relevant information found that as early as 14 years ago, in 2002, the national key cultural relics protection unit of Yueyang Tower management rights almost sell". At that time, the relevant departments will also prepare Yueyang Tower tied listed, but in the Hunan provincial leadership has repeatedly expressed opposition instructions and the provincial government to stop following the case, after the Yueyang Tower business transfer of the right to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled matters. Yueyang responded: just ownership and management rights in November 16th at 25 a.m., the real name authentication micro-blog account media man Liao Longzhang released micro-blog said Yueyang Tower was sold. This micro-blog immediately sparked heated debate on the internet. The micro-blog said that the Yueyang Tower to support the operation of the contract that the implementation of the Yueyang Tower is the transfer of the right to operate, not rental, is a broad contract management. The transfer of the right to operate is a normal business behavior, Yueyang Tower is both ancestral industry, according to the business model is understandable. And the transfer of the right to operate is the separation of ownership and management rights, the transfer of the right to operate the Yueyang Tower, the ownership of the property still belongs to the Yueyang municipal government. For example, Phoenix in 2011 will be 8 scenic spots (points) 50 years of management rights, the overall transfer to Huanglong Cave investment Limited by Share Ltd. The opponents think that Yueyang Tower is totally different from other scenic spots scenic Fenghuang County, according to the State Council announced in 1988 the list of the third batch of national key cultural relics protection units, Yueyang Tower belongs to the ancient and historical memorial buildings, which belongs to the national key cultural relics protection units. Opponents also pointed out that the problem does not exist in the right to operate, the new cultural relics protection law, the twenty-fourth states: state-owned immovable cultural relics shall not be transferred, mortgaged. The establishment of a state owned cultural relic protection unit, which is a museum, a safe place or a tourist site, shall not be used as an enterprise asset management." In 2003, the general office of the State Council transmitted culture相关的主题文章:

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