Yunnan Yuanmou debris flow damming body has cleared 64000 parties – China

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Yunnan Yuanmou landslides damming has cleared 64000 Party – the new network for the new network in Kunming Lake Wenjiang aerial photo in September 20, (Chen Kelin Wen Jiang) 20, reporters from the Armed Police Hydropower third corps, Yunnan lake, Yuanmou formation of debris flow at press, armed police officers and soldiers has to clean up 64000 cubic meters of water and electricity of damming the lake, the overall progress controlled. 17, cucumber garden town of Yuanmou County in Yunnan province and debris flow, the formation of the lake is like hanging in the downstream of the masses on the head of a basin of water, river park, cucumber threat to downstream of 2 villages and towns 3 village people life and property safety, at the same time, the Chengdu Kunming Railway damaged nearly 300 meters, very likely to occur secondary disasters. 18, the officers and men of the Armed Police Hydropower Troops nearby, the night by air and motorized drives etc., deployed more than 200 troops, carrying loaders, excavators, dump trucks and other large professional rescue equipment more than and 100 Taiwan (sets), emergency rushed to the disaster line exclude dangerous quake lake. The 19 day at 2:40 in the morning, affected by heavy rainfall, Yuanmou two debris flow, early armed forces hydropower diversion overnight excavation gully was destroyed, in the afternoon, heavy rain again attacked the rescue scene, the Longchuan River upstream Lake flood flow increasing, seriously affected the progress of the lake for risk. Armed Police Corps of third hydropower eight detachment Li Jianping introduction, according to the rainfall intensity, the construction of bad environment, high difficulty of excavation debris flow and safety hazards prominent actual situation, the troops take "? The gravel replacement group, dig washing scouring trough, discharge and precipitation?" The methods of operation, scientific adjustment plan for risk and deployment of troops, command organization science, pay attention to safety precautions. At present, the officers and soldiers are in the rain in the middle of the damming excavation of a sluice discharge 5 – 6 meters wide, 3 meters deep, has completed damming body cleaning 64000 cubic meters, 460 meters into the road excavation. To understand the technology, military, good management means in one cadre in the first dingshou, ensure the safety and controllability, overall progress smoothly. (end)相关的主题文章:

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