Zhang Daiqing, a 39 year old policeman in Nanjing, suddenly had a heart attack on his job (video)-www.88xoxo.com

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Nanjing 39 year old police Zhang Daiqing heart ill at work at 8 yesterday morning, Nanjing City Buddhist temple funeral dirge keyed, elegiac couplet hung. The farewell ceremony of Zhang Daiqing, director of the Command Office of the economic development zone of Nanjing City Public Security Bureau, was only 39 years old, which was held here. In September 18th, the first working day after the Mid Autumn Festival, Zhang Daiqing fell on the job. Yesterday, Zhang Daiqing’s relatives, friends, colleagues and police representatives more than 300 people spontaneously came to see him off. Yangzi Evening News reporter correspondent Ning Gongxuan Ji Yuxuan had his two day continuous overtime, holidays without a break in September 18th 9 in the morning, in Nanjing City Public Security Bureau, we are preparing for the meeting, the deployment of a new round of work colleagues found that Zhang Daiqing has always been busy preparing the command room director not to open the conference room, colleagues Zhang Daiqing has seen his office door, dressed in police uniforms, lying in a dilapidated small sofa near the ground, has been unconscious. Colleagues rushed him to the hospital, after more than one hour of rescue, Zhang Daiqing eventually failed to rescue. After diagnosis, sudden heart disease claimed he was only 39 years old young life, his life in the last moment, forever fixed in their jobs. "He is too young, on the front of the public security work is 20 years, suddenly went away, let a person sad, regret." Diao Pinzhong, director of the Public Security Bureau of Nanjing Economic Development Zone, said he choked several times. "He was too tired to do his work." Nanjing Economic Development Zone, Xingang police station said that September 17th is the week Xiao, the Mid Autumn Festival holiday third days, on the morning of 8 pm, and met Zhang Daiqing in the five floor of the Public Security Bureau Zhou Xiao Washroom wash. Know Xiaocai weeks later, 9 16, Zhang Qing Dai value a day class, had a good rest at night, the very next day still in the unit to work overtime. Diao Pinzhong’s office is in the door to Zhang Daiqing’s office. In the early morning of September 17th, Diao Pinzhong saw Zhang Daiqing come to the unit again. "You were on duty yesterday, didn’t you arrange your day off?"" "I’m going to prepare tomorrow’s meeting materials." "I never arrange him to work overtime, but I always see him working overtime," he said." "365 days a year, at least 340 days in the work", Zhang Daiqing graduated from the Chinese language and Literature Department of the Chinese people’s Police University in 1997. After graduation, he entered the public security team and was assigned to the Criminal Police Brigade of the Public Security Bureau of Nanjing economic development zone. "At that time, branch police rarely, he is one of the few trained young police, a person doing a few people live." Wang Lei, the instructor of the inner security brigade of Nanjing Economic Development Zone, said that Zhang Daiqing not only did his job well, but also had a high level of writing, and he was transferred to the Secretariat of the branch in 2003. Development Zone Branch was established at the beginning, Zhang Daiqing shared technology, legal, cashier and many other work, but also responsible for police work, but he worked hard, always rushed in the hard line. According to the Nanjing Economic Development Zone Public Security Bureau police command room Huo Lishen recalled earlier this month, Zhang Daiqing unwell, sustained high fever, due to the critical period of security summit at G20, he insisted on his work. Remember when Zhang Daiqing had a fever and even talked gold

南京39岁警察张戴庆突发心脏病 倒在工作岗位上昨天上午8点,南京市西天寺殡仪馆内哀乐低回,挽联高悬。年仅39岁的南京市公安局经济开发区分局指挥室主任张戴庆遗体告别仪式在这里举行。 9月18日,中秋小长假后第一个工作日,张戴庆倒在工作岗位上。昨日,张戴庆的亲属、生前好友、同事及民警代表300多人自发前来为他送行。 通讯员 宁公宣扬子晚报记者 季宇轩生前两天他连续加班,假期也没休息9月18日上午9点,在南京市公安局经济开发区分局,大家正准备开会,部署开展新一轮的工作,同事们发现一向忙前忙后的指挥室主任张戴庆没有到会议室,同事推开他的办公室门,看到张戴庆已穿好警服,趴倒在一张破旧小沙发旁的地上,已经神志不清。同事们急忙将他送往医院,经过一个多小时的抢救,张戴庆最终也没能抢救过来。经诊断,突发心脏病夺走了他年仅39岁的年轻生命,他生命中的最后一刻,永远定格在了自己的工作岗位上。“他太年轻了,在公安战线上一干就是20年,突然就这么走了,让人痛心、惋惜。”南京经济开发区公安分局局长刁品中说到他,几度哽咽。“他干工作太拼了,太累了。”南京经济开发区新港派出所民警周潇说,9月17日是中秋小长假第三天,当天早上8点左右,周潇在公安分局五楼洗漱间洗漱时又遇到张戴庆。事后周潇才知道,9月16日张戴庆值了一天班,晚上也没有休息好,第二天仍然在单位加班。刁品中局长的办公室与张戴庆的办公室是门对门。9月17日一大早,刁品中看到张戴庆又来到单位,“你昨天值班,不是安排你今天休息的吗?”“我要准备明天的会议材料。”刁局长说:“我平时从不安排他加班,但我总能看到他在加班。” “一年365天,起码有340天在工作”张戴庆于1997年毕业于中国人民警官大学中文系汉语言文学专业,毕业后进入公安队伍,分到南京经济开发区公安分局刑警大队。“当时分局警力很少,他是少有的科班出身的年轻民警,一个人干着几个人的活。”南京经济开发区公安分局内保大队教导员王雷说,张戴庆不但本职工作干得好,而且文字水平高,2003年他被抽调到分局秘书科。开发区分局成立之初,张戴庆一人分担技术、法制、出纳等多项工作,还要负责接处警工作,但是他工作认真刻苦,始终冲在最辛苦的一线。据南京经济开发区公安分局指挥室民警霍礼申回忆,本月初,张戴庆身体不适,持续高烧,由于全市正值G20峰会安保关键时期,他坚持带病工作。记得当时张戴庆因发烧,连说话声音都不清楚了,在指挥室同事的一再坚持下,他才利用中午休息时间到医院挂水。“张主任一直以来每天都在吃药,治疗高血压的药品和工作材料一起,摆满了他的办公桌。可以说,他加班是常态,一年365天,他加班的时候就有340天,很少准点下班。”同事们说。据了解,张戴庆与父母、妻女一起住在江苏路一套小户型房子里,他的父母退休,母亲患有严重的哮喘病,父亲患有高血压需要长年服药,张戴庆的妻子没有稳定的工作,在江宁一家企业干临时工,收入微薄。女儿上小学五年级,对于父亲的离世,年幼的女儿似乎还不能完全理解。“经校友们提醒,由我来发起这次筹款,希望能帮助撑起这个失去顶梁柱的家庭。”9月19日,张戴庆的大学同学、鼓楼公安分局的温舟发起爱心筹款,2000多位张戴庆昔日的同事、同学、领导、朋友,还有与他并不熟悉的网友们参与捐款,在短短23个小时内,便筹集了20万多元。扩展视频:与原文无关 警察休假猝死 家属疑过劳争死亡抚恤金相关的主题文章:

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