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Zhang Yu: To explore a new class of Hongjiang week innovation to meet the diversified demand of liquor consumption – General Manager of Beijing, Zhang Yu Zhou Hongjiang, Zhang Yu said: "in addition to brandy, Wine, health wine has now launched, small also is an innovation Wine categories, this kind of innovation conform to the needs of the market, because of this products on the market have become popular." "The first listing of small also have two flavors, namely apple and grapefruit. We can provide more kinds of fruits and Wine collocation, provide more diverse, more cool taste of choice for consumers. Small also bubble rich, very refreshing taste, especially iced after taste better, Changyu company general manager Zhou Hongjiang said." Zhou Hongjiang said in an interview, there are many reasons that hinder the popularity of consumer Wine, Chinese lack of love Wine consumers, but a lot of people but because of the high threshold Wine consumption and flinch; there are also a lot of people because of various reasons rather than drinking. "Small also is for these consumers tailored a product, Wine to drink, drink easily enter the relaxation time!" Zhou Hongjiang stressed that as long as the right product, the Chinese Wine market still has very big growth space. "We must follow the consumer to go!" Zhou Hongjiang said to reporters about the development of this new product ideas: "in recent years, Changyu in perfect Wine brandy and other main categories in the process of the exploration, try a new category, today the development of small also is listed, we meet the diversified consumer demand for liquor efforts. Our goal is, in the next three years, will create Chinese small also consumers’ low fashion items."

张裕周洪江:创新探索新品类 满足多元化酒类消费需求-中新网   张裕公司总经理周洪江表示:“张裕除了做好已有的白兰地、葡萄酒、保健酒外,现在推出的小萄是葡萄酒大类中的一个创新,这种创新顺应了市场的需要,因为这种产品在市场上已经开始流行。”   “首批上市的小萄有两种口味,分别是苹果味和葡萄味。以后我们还会提供更多种类的水果与葡萄酒搭配,为消费者提供更多样、更酷的口感选择。小萄气泡丰富,口感非常清爽,尤其是冰镇之后口感更佳,张裕公司总经理周洪江表示。”   周洪江接受采访时提到,阻碍葡萄酒消费普及的原因有很多,中国不缺乏喜爱葡萄酒的消费者,但很多人却因为葡萄酒消费的高门槛而望而却步;同时也有很多人因为种种原因而不愿喝酒。“小萄就是为这些消费者量身打造的一款产品,葡萄酒要进入放松饮、轻松饮的时代!”周洪江强调,只要产品对路,中国的葡萄酒市场仍有非常大的增长空间。   “一定要跟着消费者走!”周洪江向记者讲述开拓这一全新产品的思路时表示:“近几年来张裕在完善葡萄酒、白兰地等主力品类的进程中,也在探索、尝试新的品类,今天小萄的开发上市,就是我们满足多元化的酒类消费需求所做的努力。我们的目标是,在未来三年内,将小萄打造成中国消费者喜爱的‘低度时尚大单品’。”相关的主题文章:

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