Zhengzhou bus station rattan soaring one meter high stop being swallowed up (Figure)-ricky lee neely

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Zhengzhou bus station rattan soaring one meter high stop engulfed (map) bus station quickly engulfed the grassland yesterday morning, people call the newspaper 96211 Mr. Yue said: in the near South Fourth Ring Road and Kingdee Road intersection, a bus station was overgrown grass rattan "swallow", soon see the sign the. Dahe reporter Tian Yuchen verification: yesterday morning, reporters in the southern city of Victoria and Kingdee Road intersection 100 meters east of the Zhang Zhai village, South City of Victoria on the north side of a 113 road and 325 road bus stop skew in the grass, just out of a "head"; signs beside the civilization covered in a bar meter high rattan, if not carefully, hardly aware of their presence. It is near a HuanWeiGong Master Liu introduced, these platforms covered with rattan commonly known as "Lara seedling", here is the original green corridor, but has been neglected, resulting in high weeds. Yesterday, the 27 District green team responsible person said, the South Fourth Ring ecological corridor is not in their management scope, which specific department management, he is not clear. After that, the reporter feedback the situation to Zhengzhou mayor hotline 12345, the staff said, they have recorded the situation for the record, as soon as possible to implement the ecological corridor ownership, and notify the relevant departments to deal with.

郑州公交站台草藤疯长一米多高 站牌被吞没(图) 公交站快被荒草“吞没”了   昨天上午,市民岳先生致电大河报96211称:在南四环与金蝶路交叉口附近,一处公交站台被疯长的草藤“吞掉”,快看不到站牌了。   大河报记者田育臣核实:昨天上午,记者在南四环与金蝶路交叉口向东100米处的张寨村口,南四环北侧一个113路与325路公交站牌歪斜在草丛里,只探出一个“脑袋”;路牌旁边的文明展示栏上爬满了一米多高的草藤,若不细看,很难察觉到它们的存在。   据附近一名环卫工刘师傅介绍,这些爬满站台的草藤俗称“拉拉秧”,这里原是绿化廊道,但因一直无人打理,导致杂草疯长。   昨天,二七区绿化队相关负责人称,南四环生态廊道并不在他们的管理范围,具体哪个部门管,他也不太清楚。之后,记者将该情况反馈到郑州市长热线12345,工作人员称,他们已将该情况记录备案,尽快落实该片生态廊道的归属,并通知相关部门进行处理。相关的主题文章:

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