Zhoukou, a family of 60 thousand money to continue the treatment of illness the 3 day of the communi polartec

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A Zhoukou 60 thousand money cheated continued: 3 days from all walks of life donated 170 thousand new network – – reporter trainee reporter Li Yichuan Ding Qian to return the online booking train tickets, Zhoukou Shenqiu County, 29 year old Tang Ailian (a pseudonym) with a Baidu search phone refund according to the search, ranked third in the number of telecommunications fraud was hit in the past, but. 60 thousand yuan for severe cerebral palsy son smelly doctor money cheated. Dahe newspaper reports, the matter caused great concern to the community. As of now, more than 170 thousand of the donations to Tang Ailian. Meanwhile, Zhengzhou police are investigating the case. 27 PM, Baidu responded, said it would provide medical assistance and financial support. When asked to respond to Baidu’s view, Tang Ailian said: "false information on too much, and self use Baidu keyword to make money. Love surging, three days from all walks of life have been donated 170 thousand as of 28 PM to 9, Tang Ailian baby’s donation of more than 170 thousand yuan. The money in the form of remittance income, most people love not leave your name and contact information. Recently, the hotline received a total of more than and 680 hotline hotline is willing to donate. But Tang Ailian also calls almost off the hook, even star Sun Li and his wife Deng Chao, brokers Guo also do not go to fight but to Dahe reporter to contact. In the meantime, Tang Ailian’s mobile phone text messaging feature has been canceled, the reason is that people want to donate too many people, the bank card number to reply more information and frequent, mobile phone text messaging function was suspended. No, 28 am, Tang Ailian and went to the mobile business hall will be SMS function recovery. Sun Li, wife of the couple, Ms. Deng Chao told reporters Dahe newspaper, two couples have decided to make money for the assistance of, but the specific amount does not want to be announced to the public. In addition to many hospitals and social institutions willing to provide help for the son of Tang Ailian, nearly two days, there are also a number of hospitals willing to help. "If you are willing to come here to treat us, we will provide Chinese medicine treatment." The provincial people’s Congress, Ruzhou City, Henan province Jingeng rehabilitation hospital Song Zhaopu said. Telephone recording, that Tang Ailian had begged liar yesterday afternoon, reporters from Tang Eileen learned that she has the recording, transfer records to provide evidence to the police. Liar finally let me turn is two yuan of money, then I realized that after being cheated by the 5000. Because the phone comes with recording function, I recorded a sound." Tang Ailian said. Recording, Tang Ailian asked whether he was deceived, and the other side kept asking whether there are other bank cards Tang Ailian, and said it would refund the money to other bank cards. "This is the money for my child!" Tang Ailian on the phone repeatedly begged each other, but the other side continued to ask her whether there are other bank cards. Reporters learned that, at present, Zhengzhou police have set up a task force, is trying to solve the case. Tang Ailian admit: Baidu keyword was used to make money on the 27 day at 4 pm, the Baidu Inc issued a statement: emergency linkage Angel mom foundation, to provide medical assistance and financial support for Tang Ailian’s baby. Baidu in a statement相关的主题文章:

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