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Zou Jiaju: a Meicha incident led to the situation of the story (five) – Sohu and map: South Beauty Tea tea tea "Pu’er Tea taxue" Meicha story: inspiration is also by the spring of 1973, Yunnan has also undergone a tea history. During the 7 days of tea processing forum, to convey important speech of Vice Premier Li Xiannian and Li Qiang, Vice Minister of the Ministry of foreign trade on the international situation and the development of tea industry, vice minister Li Qiang speech highlighted the need to develop Pu’er Tea. Yunnan is the hometown of Pu’er tea, Yunnan people believe that Pu’er tea produced in the region are Pu erh tea, Li Qiang, Deputy Minister of tea at a loss. In the afternoon of April 3rd will be discussed later, the production of the original Phoenix Tuocha Xiaguan tea factory technology Xing Yun asked: "Yuanlin Deputy Minister Li Qiang spoke of" Pu’er Tea "refers to what kind of tea?" The cause of the problem is to have the overseas Pu’er Tea qualitative fermentation drying green tea, and before this, Yunnan local production, see and drinks is zero fermentation Green Tea. Lee, vice minister at this time to talk about Pu’er tea has a profound international background. At that time the North Vietnamese had captured Xigong, Vietnam is ready for the reception of Xiaguan tea factory tea interns, but the CPV has been completely turned to the soviets. Aid Vietnam War, Hongkong Tea Industry Association Hong Kong merchants to buy the North Vietnamese tea fermentation mobilization should be. The North Vietnamese tea after fermentation of bitter sweet tea, patriotic compatriots in Hong Kong and Macao stand. See the Vietnam chamber of Commerce and the mobilization of merchants devoid of gratitude, against North Vietnamese tea. Yunnan Provincial People’s government received a telegram from the Ministry of foreign trade, the provincial company to arrange the production of 250 tons of Pu’er tea emergency Hong Kong and Macao compatriots. This year, Yunnan won the right to operate the export of tea. Map: South Beauty Tea tea tea Pu’er Tea "Snow" second years Huang Youxin brought the spring fair merchants of Pu’er Tea quality information: red soup, black leaf, Chen taste. Huang he deliberately brought back a bag of old tea, drink green sun Green Tea song vice manager said musty, according to the review, the red Green Tea taste, must be abandoned, as the negligence of tea, not buying and selling. Huang Youxin then, will drink tea, said Chen flavor, before contact with the taste of Pu’er tea. Not the taste, but not Pu’er Tea, but not the sun dried green tea flavor." Mildew or Chen, perhaps a thing, different understanding, different mood, different experience, feel different, different emotions, different expressions. Bad is bad, blame blame, must engage in export, song manager let the finished product into the basement storage test, and put forward before pressing the pile, said inventory more than 1 thousand Dan, put a small amount of one point to air defense tunnel test. Map: South Beauty Tea tea tea Pu’er Tea "Snow" Song Wengeng and Ao Qifu, deputy manager for comrades holding fair back Pu’er Tea samples came to Kunming tea factory director of the office of Li heekin. Director Li called the examination unit Wu Qiying, let her see the sample. This tea is stout, dark brown, equivalent to 9-10 grade green tea raw materials. The wild tea and Huangyuan Meicha, Kunming tea factory backlog of more than and 400 tons of 9-10 grade green tea, only slowly put into use (brick tea). In Pu’er Tea, can digest the backlog, Kunming tea factory Pakistan net相关的主题文章:

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